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Shibori Pure Kota Saree Collection By Rank Never Retires

Shibori Pure Kota Saree Collection By Rank Never Retires

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Colour: 1

Length of the saree : 5.5 mtrs

Blouse - 1 mtr - addtional

Fabric - Kota Cotton 

Natural Dye

Colour customization possible

Bulk order possible



Shibori Pure Kota Saree Collection By Rank Never Retire

Immerse yourself in the exquisite elegance of the Shibori Pure Kota Saree Collection by Rank Never Retire—a line that celebrates the timeless beauty of Shibori art on the ethereal Kota fabric. Each saree in this collection is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and the rich textile heritage of India.

The Art of Shibori Shibori, the ancient Japanese technique of dyeing, finds a new canvas on the delicate weaves of Kota. The intricate patterns are not mere designs but stories told in hues and folds, where each twist and tie narrates a different tale. The Shibori Pure Kota Sarees are a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, where the old art of resist dyeing meets the contemporary fashion sensibilities.

The Fabric of Elegance Kota, known for its lightweight and sheer quality, is the perfect backdrop for the Shibori patterns to unfold. The fine weave, known as ‘Kota Doria,’ is characterized by its square check pattern, which adds a unique texture to the saree. The fabric is airy and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for the tropical climate.

The Collection The Rank Never Retire collection features sarees that cater to every occasion. From the subtle pastel shades perfect for a day event to the vibrant tones suited for an evening gala, there is a saree for every moment. The collection boasts of a wide range of colors, from the serene blues and greens reflecting the calmness of the sea to the fiery reds and oranges that capture the essence of the sun.

Craftsmanship Each saree is a labor of love, hand-dyed by artisans who have mastered the Shibori technique over generations. The precision in the patterns is a result of their skillful hands and dedicated hours of labor. The dyes used are skin-friendly and eco-friendly, ensuring that the sarees are not just beautiful but also sustainable.

Styling the Saree The Shibori Pure Kota Sarees can be styled in numerous ways. Pair them with traditional silver jewelry to bring out the ethnic charm or with contemporary pieces for a modern look. The sarees drape beautifully, accentuating the silhouette and lending an air of grace and poise to the wearer.

The Rank Never Retire Promise Rank Never Retire is committed to bringing you the finest quality sarees that are a blend of tradition and trends. The Shibori Pure Kota Saree Collection is a reflection of this promise—a promise to keep the art alive, to support the artisans, and to provide you with a saree that is not just a garment but a piece of art.

Kota Saree in The Kota Saree, originating from Kota, Rajasthan, is renowned for its distinctive weave known as ‘Kota Doria.’ Characterized by its lightweight, sheer texture and strength, the fabric is made from a blend of cotton and silk threads, creating a fine mesh-like structure that is both elegant and durable. The checkered pattern, known as ‘khats,’ is a signature of Kota sarees and adds to their unique appeal. These sarees are favored for their versatility and comfort, making them a popular choice for the Indian summer. The Kota saree is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a canvas where art and tradition weave together to create something truly magical.

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