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Navy Blue Handpainted Pure Satin Saree

Navy Blue Handpainted Pure Satin Saree

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Presenting our Navy Blue Handpainted Pure Satin Saree, a beautiful fusion of elegance and artistic expression. Skillfully made from high-quality Pure Satin fabric, this saree boasts intricate floral designs hand-painted with fine acrylic colors, creating a captivating aesthetic against the rich navy blue hue. Each saree measures 5.5 meters, providing ample material to drape in various traditional styles. To preserve the delicate hand-painted design, avoid direct ironing on the print. The vibrant acrylic colors used are fast and long-lasting, ensuring the design remains vivid even after multiple washes. The saree is easily washable with a gentle detergent, making it convenient for regular wear. What makes our Navy Blue Handpainted Pure Satin Saree stand out is its customizable nature. You have the creative freedom to personalize both the fabric and design, allowing you to create a unique saree that reflects your individual style and occasion.

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