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Debarati Ghosh

Ajrakh Stoles Natural Dyed Modal Silk Collection of Beautifully Handcrafted

Ajrakh Stoles Natural Dyed Modal Silk Collection of Beautifully Handcrafted

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Length - 2 mtrs



Discover the exquisite Ajrakh Cotton stole, a masterpiece of versatility and beauty. Each stole is a unique work of art, showcasing variations in print and color that enhance its allure. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, crafting an Ajrakh Cotton stole takes around 20 days, with artisans infusing every step with love and enthusiasm.

Originating from Sindh in the 16th century, Ajrakh has a rich heritage. Its name holds meanings like "aaj rakh" ("keep it today") and is linked to "azrakh," the Arabic word for indigo. Despite challenges post-2001 earthquake, the resilience of the Khatris gave rise to Ajrakhpur, a village dedicated to preserving this craft.

The block printing process involves careful preparation and the use of natural dyes. The rhythmic sound of the wooden block on the fabric echoes the craft's enduring legacy. Each Ajrakh Cotton stole embodies tradition, artistry, and resilience, making it a timeless piece of textile art that you can cherish.

Upgrade your look with the Ajrakh Cotton stole, a symbol of tradition and craftsmanship. Each stole is a unique masterpiece, showing the beauty of handcrafted art. Made with care and precision, the Ajrakh Cotton stole shows the artisan's skill and dedication.

Get the luxury of Ajrakh Stole with Rank Never Retire. Our collection has a variety of beautiful Ajrakh Cotton stoles, each blending tradition and modern style. Buying from Rank Never Retire supports artisans and connects you to a rich cultural heritage. Treat yourself to the timeless elegance of an Ajrakh Cotton Stole from Rank Never Retire today. 


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